Isca Greenfield-Sanders
All Roads in My Mind

February 19 - April 2, 2016

Isca Greenfield-Sanders has with her oil paintings spellbound a large audience in the US. Her paintings in the exhibition All Roads in My Mind depict scenes that most of us are familiar with: a boat trip or a summer day on the beach, and you can almost feel the wind in your hair, touch the sand and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.



Under the label WG.Project we will present specific installations and projects by our represented artists as well as host exclusive events.


Martin Sjöberg
Bearing Witness

April 7 - May 13, 2017

Opening reception April 6, 6-8 PM

Wetterling Gallery is proud to present an installation by Martin Sjöberg.
Consisting of a large scale sculpture and a drawing Martins Sjöberg's installation talks about how we experience pain in others. How do we react upon images of violent events in our environment? Do we look away or do we stay and try to understand?