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Inspired by her Hindu roots, the works of Malaysian-born Kumari Nahappan reveal a distinct Eastern flavor as well as traces of Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism. Nahappan’s exploration of color results in great color fields that are simultaneously dense and ethereal, as well as calming and energizing. Though deeply devoted to her religious roots, Nahappan maintains her work more concept-driven and philosophical in nature, than reflective of religious beliefs.

Nahappan has exhibited widely in Asia, Europe and the United States. Since she was named Shell Discovery Art’s Promising Artist in 1992, she has gone on to win numerous awards and commendations including first prize in the UOB Group's 17th Painting of the Year Competition (Abstract Category) and the Ksatria Seni Award 2004 by the prestigious Museum Rudana in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Born in Malaysia, 1953, Nahappan lives and works in Singapore.