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WG.Art Project

Lennart Grebelius

Brev Till Mitt Kära/ Letter To My Dear

November 6 – 14, 2015

Lennart Grebelius

Lennart Grebelius
Brev Till Mitt Kära/ Letter To My Dear, 2015


The art project Brev Till Mitt Kära / Letter To My Dear by Lennart Grebelius is about nuclear waste and time.

The nuclear waste that we produce today has to be stored for 100,000 years before it becomes safe for people, animals and nature. How long is 100,000 years?

– 100,000 years corresponds to 3,000 generations. The time perspective is dizzying and our responsibility for what we do today becomes so very obvious when you make it concrete. Do we really have the right to demand that the citizens of the future shall guard our radioactive rubbish? says Lennart Grebelius.

– We have no idea if the politicians of the future will take responsibility for our deadly waste. We don't even know if today's warning signs will be readable and understandable in a thousand generations. With this art project I want to awaken a discussion about our moral responsibility to future generations, says Lennart Grebelius.

The art project Letter To My Dear is based on Grebelius’ book with the same title. Most of Grebelius' earlier art projects revolve around time, chance and numbers, which is also very much the case for Letter to my dear where the 100,000 years are physically made visible. The core of the work is a letter to a child of a future generation.

Brev Till Mitt Kära / Letter To My Dear can be seen at the Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, 6–14 November, 2015.