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Group Exhibition


June 1 – August 22, 2020

Astrid Kruse Jensen

Astrid Kruse Jensen

Disappearing Into The Past #108, 2010-2012

Archival Fiber Print

120 x 123 cm

Edition of 5


Light is the prerequisite of art. Without light no colors, shadows and shapes, and by extension no audience who can view the finished work. Light also enables the most fundamental processes of organic life through photosynthesis. The plants take their nourishment from the air, water and soil. The green color of the leaves contains chlorophyll. The chlorophyll absorbs light and converts carbon dioxide from the air and water into nutrients. This chemical process is called photosynthesis and is itself the prerequisite for all life on earth. Based on this theme, we at Wetterling Gallery have curated a summer show with artworks from our represted artstist. It can be viewed on site at the gallery's project room in Stockholm as well as in an extended version in our Online Viewing Room, which you can find HERE. The exhibition runs during June, July and August and the gallery will be open Tuesday - Saturday, 12 - 5 pm. 

See the extended exhibition in our online viewing room here!