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Anna Pajak

Anna Pajak, Undreamed Suns, 2020

On Thursday, January 14, 2021 the QSPA Inspirational Award 2020 is presented to the Swedish artist Anna Pajak! 

Anna Pajak intermittently uses printmaking techniques, painting and text to inform her practice, drawing on the modernist esoteric movement to connect to a feminist take on image making and text production. According to the jury statement they are; "impressed by the artist’s spatial and geometrical explorations, the examination of surface, patterns, and depths. The way in which the formal language in her printmaking and painting interconnect, mutually informing one another. Colour and symbols, perspectives and imagery merge into almost futuristic entities where the abstract meets the figurative, and where the feminist spiritualist approach is re-forged into a contemporary language."

The main purpose of the H.M. Queen Sonja Art Foundation is to generate interest in graphic art and to encourage young artists to develop both their craft and their unique voice. The Foundation presents the Queen Sonja Print Award every other year. The winner receives a cash prize of NOK 400 000 and an educational stay at Universal Limited Art Editions, ULAE, located outside New York. Fun fact is that we at Wetterling Gallery started our journey with offering editions from American and British pop aritsts, produced at ULAE and we are so excited to see this heritage moving on to our next generation of artists. Congratulations Anna Pajak!