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Article in Dagens Nyheter

Robert Rauschenberg, Monogram, 1955-59 

Working together is more important than ever. The galleries are sticking together, exchanging ideas of how to get people to still visit. Art fairs are releasing online viewing rooms for the galleries to participate in and are prolonging old marketing initiatives on fairs that have already passed. Therefore, it’s with great pleasure that we read this article that the director of the Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm, Gitte Ørskou wrote in the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter the other day. She writes:

“I would therefore like to urge you that it is now time to buy the art works that you have long had in mind or use the time to visit the galleries and artists’ website to find works that challenge, overwhelm or give comforn in the way that only art is capable of doing.”

We at Wetterling Gallery could not agree more! Thank you Gitte for these well-articulated words and for your support for the galleries and artists. In our turn, we hope that you keep on supporting Moderna Museet in any way you can – by joining Moderna Museets vänner or tuning in on their educational sofa viewings. By working together, we are going to tackle this and get out stronger than ever.