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Artnet Intellegence Report Fall 2020

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than the Artnet Intelligence Report’s inaugural Innovators issue, presented in partnership with Morgan Stanley. At a time when the art industry is facing unprecedented challenges, Artnet set out to identify the most forward-thinking people in the market today. The result is the 2020 Innovators List: a group of 51 entrepreneurs, artists, dealers, and others who are lighting the way toward the future with vision, chutzpah, and grit. In this issue, you’ll also find an illuminating survey of how auction houses have adapted to the COVID-19 era; a data-led breakdown of exactly which segments of the market were most resilient during lockdown; and a revealing account of the astonishing rise of Amoako Boafo, the art market’s newest star. What lesson emerges from this tour through an art world in turmoil? That in this historic moment, success can only be achieved by thinking differently.

We at Wetterling Gallery can warmly recommend this report to gain insight in how the ongoing situation are affecting the art world!