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Claes Hake

Claes Hake, Skiss för Wall Street I, 2002 


Enköpings Konsthall 
Tullgatan 18 

"I see myself as a sculptor. Make very large sculptures in stone, often site-specific. Previously, I have worked both large and small in plastic, plaster and bronze. It is only in a short time that you have had the strength and resources to work hard. Eventually, nature makes the sculptures smaller. Drawing costs nothing, it's like a cleansing bath for me, then I have to wash my soul, make mistakes, start over and finish without great accomplishments."

Claes Hake 

About one hour outside of Stockholm, you will find the beautiful city of Enköping. They have a great kunsthalle, run by the local art association where they organize around eight exhibition a year and host lectures, talks and other events. Opening October 23 is the exhibition Skulpturer, Pappersmålningar, Teckningar, with works by Claes Hake. In other words, something you really must see for youself! Runs until November 14.