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Dina Isæus-Berlin

Dina Isæus-Berlin, The Cover Up, 2021 



Galleri Thomassen 
Götabergsgatan 32 

This October, Galleri Thomassen, whom we have collaborated with many times before, will open a group exhibition namned open-and-shut. Included in the presentation are our artist Dina Isæus-Berlin along with Sara Kallioinen Lundgren, Erik Gustafsson, Giulia Cairone, Josefin Eklund, Sunna Hansdóttir and Unni Toivola. The exhibition brings together a group of emerging artists working in various media such as ceramics, textile, oil paintings, neon, plexiglas and photography. 

Opening is this week, October 2, and the exhibition will be on display until October 31. A must-see if you are based in, or passing, Gothenburg!