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Happy Holidays

Installation shot, Claes Hake, Samuraj I & II, 2020. 
Photo by Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Soon we will put the year 2020 behind us
And stepping into the new year will be no fuss 

We started January with editions of all kind
Each one of course numbered and signed 

Then SEO lightened up February with circles and landscapes 
Together with Fredrik Nielsen's glass in different shapes 

We went on a quick detour to the Armory Show across the Atlantic 
Where we showed works by Liva Isakson Lundin that were gigantic 

In March Frank Stella exhibited works in elasto plastic 
Due to the pandemic, the decrease of visitors was very drastic 

However, we did our very best to stay postive and kept welcoming every lover of art 
In summer we opened the exhibition Photosynthesis, where green was a big part 

Then came September and we searched in Proust for a group show 
Which contained new artists which made our number of represented stars grow 

For November and December we focused on works of the abstract type 
And Claes Hake's artworks were of course very hyped 

Closing the gallery year with paintings by Dina Isæus-Berlin 
We cannot wait for 2021 to begin 

We might not know what the future may hold 
But we promise to exhibit art that is new and bold!