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Iris Smedjs & Olof Marsja

Installation shot, Iris Smeds
Photo by Jean-Baptiste Béranger 

Jury's motivation for Iris Smeds: 

“The power and magnitude of Iris Smeds does not have to do with her credibility as a unique, young and promising artistic talent – quite the opposite. Over the past 10 years, she has occupied a borderline realm in the arts, moving between performance, writing, theatre, film and set design, giving form to the partial burn-outs, the mediocre and the second-rate misfits. Her surrealistic imagery radically questions just how we construct the world around ourselves and the deeply absurd in human existence. With her artistic repertoire, which follows its own rhythm, Iris Smeds convinces us of art’s capacity for resilience and resistance.”

In 2017, we exhibited Iris Smeds in a group exhibition. 

Congratulations to both Iris Smeds & Olof Marsja!