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Jason Martin

Jason Martin
Untitled, 2020
Scorched Earth and Mixed Media on Aluminum 
48 x 33 x 9 cm 


8 King Street 
London, UK

A couple of years ago, back in 2016 Migrate Art was born from a desire to help the global migrant crisis. In order to do so, they combined the founders 20+ year's of working in the contemporary art world and has since the start raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to help those who have been displaced by was. This October, a new initiative is taking place at the aution house Christie's on October 23. 

Each work offered in the auction has been created using Migrate Art's custom Scorched Eart paint, which is paint pigmented with the ashes from the burnt crop fields of Iraqi Kurdistan. The initiative is to raise funds to support the work of their three charitypartners; RefuAid, Refugee Community Kitchen and The Lotus Flower. 

Amongst the participating artists you can find Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley, Loie Hollowell and Rachel Whiteread to name a few. Our artist Jason Martin is also participating with a work donated from the artist himself.