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Nathalia Edenmont

Nathalia Edenmont
Excellence, 2011 - 2018

Stamford Museum & Nature Centre
39 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford 

Organized by the Flint Institute of Arts of Michigan and the Nancy Hoffman Gallery of New York City, this collection of monumental photographs by the artist features elaborate compositions of garments constructed from unconventional, often organic, materials, with each piece taking up to 18 hours to create.

Nathalia Edenmont was born in Yalta in 1970, and moved to Sweden by the time she was 20, realizing that life in the Soviet Union was disintegrating and held no future for her. At 27, she was accepted to Forsberg Skola to study graphic design, where an artist mentor encouraged her to visualize her inner pictures and try to capture them with a camera. “I only look inside my head; what I see in my mind is what I create," said Edenmont. "I do not sketch; the image is complete and sharp within me. I have absolute control over all aspects of what I do.

Fearlessly re-awaking memories, Edenmont’s repository of images are from her dreams, her own past works, art history and contemporary culture, and the DNA code she uses to building her powerful lexicon of life and loss. Her passion translates into powerful images that attract us with their beauty, and snare us with their honesty. In each new series it is as if she is a chrysalis challenging herself to emerge with different wings; her visions of Madonnas, paradise, and succor exquisitely composed for her large format camera.

We are very pleased to welcome Nathalia, who will be travelling from Sweden specifically for our opening,” said Jillian Casey, Curator of Collections & Exhibitions for the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. “This is a rare opportunity for the public to meet the artist and talk with her personally about the conception and creation of her beautifully arresting photographs.”