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Peter Blake

The collaboration box between Sir Peter Blake and The Macallan whisky. 


Alcohol + art = true! Perhaps the most famous collaboration between a liquor label and artist is Absolut Vodka's long lasting collaboration that kicked off with Andy Warhol creating a poster with Absolut's famous bottle in it. Since then many merges between the artistic world and the world of alcoholic beverages has been many (for example, Tokujin Yoshioka for Dom Pérignon or Okuda & 3ttman for Campo Viejo). Sir Peter Blake is not new to this world, but has actually been working with the whiskey brand Macallan for 30 years! To celebrate this long lasting artistic collaboration, Blake has creates a new series of bottles called The Anecdotes of Ages. Besides new bottles, a virtual art exhibition and an auction to benefit the Guggenheim Museum, The Macallan will release a specially created whisky called An Estate, A Community, and A Distillery, sold in a custom box designed by Sir Peter Blake (pictured).