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Peter Johansson

Peter Johansson
Korvfest, 2014

Institut Suédois 
Rue Payenne, Paris

Peter Johansson appropriates symbols of Swedish heritage and, never fearing ridicule, impersonates well-known national figures. Adopting a powerful aesthetic on the frontiers of kitsch, he asks some highly topical questions: where is the boundary between pride in one’s country and nationalism? Who does cultural heritage belong to, and who is entitled to appropriate it? At what point do national emblems become set in stone? What symbols and images are able to represent a nation, and who makes that decision?

Taking the example of Sweden, Peter Johansson prescribes a “national therapy” for all of us and encourages us to reflect upon the different images that embody a country and what lies behind them. The Institut Suédois, which is naturally concerned by these issues, will be organising several events to accompany the exhibition in early 2020.

In partnership with the Nationalmuseum and with support from the Swedish Art Council.