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Nathalia Edenmont, Anna, 2014

An edition is a series of identical artworks, often made in a limited edition where every work is numbered and signed by the artist. Every edition is therefore an individual artwork, in contrast to for example a photographic reproduction, whilst still being a more affordable alternative to a one-off design.  

The use of editions has traditionally been linked to printmaking where one plate could be used to produce multiple identical prints which could then be sold as original works by the artist. During the late nineteenth century the number of prints produced from a single plate or printing surface started to be restricted to a specific number and declared as a ‘limited edition’. In modern day editions of prints are still very popular, the concept is nowadays also used for artworks in a number of different media such as sculpture, photography and video.  

Each work in an edition is numbered according to its place in the series, it is often displayed together with the number declaring the volume of the edition. In addition to the limited edition, there might be a smaller number of works marked AP (artist proof) or EA (épreuve d'artiste). These are artworks that is made for the artist’s own private use or given to other parts of the team who helped made the edition. 

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