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Fredrik Nielsen, Mixed Emotions at Seoul Museum of Craft Art. 

To tune in to the preaching choir, but wow, this spring has sure gone by in a whiff! Summer’s around the corner and our ongoing exhibition Eternal Seduction with works by Nathalia Edenmont will take a short break, while the gallery staff regain inspiration and strength for a busy autumn season. With that said, there’s still many other destinations where you can enjoy art form our artists. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of exhibitions to visit!

At Sliperiet Borgvik, they are currently showing their annual group exhibition during summer, including our artist Linda Bäckström together with Johanan Robleto, Karolina Nolin and Örjan Henriksson to name a few. See more HERE.

Looking abroad, you can enjoy works by Angela de la Cruz at Bundeskunsthalle, located in Bonn, Germany. She’s a part of the group exhibition Color As Program, and a colourful exhibition is on display! Read more about it HERE

Whilst in Germany, take a trip to Göttingen and their Kunsthaus, where they are currently displaying the site specific installation Poet Singing (The Flowering Sheets) in their courtyard. Read more about that HERE

Crossing the Atlantic, we make our way to Miles McEnery Gallery in New York, where Isca Greenfield-Sanders currently shows her solo exhibition The Things I Can’t Forget, consisting of her dreamy landscapes. Read more about the exhibition HERE.

Back in Sweden, make your way to Sofiero Gård, where they recently installed the permanent installation Parasiten by Peter Johansson. Located at the old farm, the new-built add-on sculpture seems both like it’s always been there yet at the same time marks a new era of time. Read more about it HERE

Let’s cross the world again, traveling to South Korea and Seoul, where Fredrik Nielsen’s installation Mixed Emotions is on display at Seoul Museum of Craft Art as a part of the finalists of Loewe Craft Foundation price. Read more about that HERE.

We’re ending our virtual art-tour of the world back in Sweden and more closely in Värmland and the museum Alma Löv Museum of Unexpected Art, where you can enjoy Anna Pajak’s works in the Icelandic Pavilion. Besides her, Alma Löv also exhibitions several works by Peter Johansson and Astrid Kruse Jensen. It’s a magical place that we really recommend! Read more about it HERE.

Bonus tip – not really a destination per sees, but well worth mentioning. Frank Stella recently joined fashion designer Stella McCartney in a collaboration with her AW22 show, resulting in a wonderful collection filled with the characteristics of Stella’s artistry and McCartney’s fashion. Read more about it HERE.

With that extensive list, we would like to wish everyone of you a wonderful summer, filled with artsy experiences, until we meet again in August! 

/ Team WG