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Ylva Ceder

Ylva Ceder
No Compulsion, 2016
Oil on Birch Panel 
122 x 182 cm 

We are proud to announce that Ylva Ceder has been awarded the Swedish Church's cultural grant 2020 for art for her artistic project Rum! The grant is awarded the artists active in different cultural fields - litterature, art, music, performing arts and film. Read the jury's motivation below: 

"Ylva Ceder is awarded the Church of Sweden's cultural scholarship in the field of visual art for her artistic project 'Rum', where she in stylish painting combines the feeling of the individual viewer with style elements from several traditions and nature in an innovative form. In her works, she is based on past and stylistic features in rooms associated with comfort, reflection, power and spirituality, which are fused together in her paintings. The rooms of the church, nature, the mosque and the synagogue. Nature as a place for spirituality during pilgrimages, outdoor worship services or in private has during the Corona Pandemic gained in-depth importance necessary is made visible in Cedar's paintings."

- Swedish Church 

Congratulations to all recipiants!