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Jan Fabre, born in Antwerpen 1958, occupies different media and multifaceted practices as an artist; theatre director, film maker, choreographer, author and visual artist.

Jan Fabre has continuously been working with beetle wings and one of his most remarkable oeuvres is the “Heaven of Delight” for the Royal Palace of Belgium in Brussels, 2002. Commissioned by the Queen Paula of Belgium, Fabre created a monumental ceiling painting in the Colonial Hall, an artwork consisting of 1,6 million beetles created by the assistance of 25 co-workers working full-time for several months. Another of Fabre’s most comprehensive works is the series The Years of the Hour Blue, drawn with blue ballpoint bic-pen made during a period of 15 years.

Jan Fabre has exhibited at numerous galleries around the world, at the Louvre, Paris, MAXXI Museum, Rome, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna and at the Venice Biennial. Fabre has created gigantic sculptures in marble, bronze, sculptured portraits of himself, made numerous public works, and his own theatre company Troubleyn continuously tours his performances.