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Transcendent variables

Group exhibition


Stockholm, 21 January - 24 February 2023

Bernar Venet, Stack: 215.5˚ Arc x 16, 2022

Bernar Venet

Stack: 215.5˚ Arc x 16, 2022

Rolled steel with black patina

29.5 x 77 x 76 cm,
on a base plate of 101 x 101 cm


Angela de la Cruz, Deflated (Magenta/Ochre), 2013-2022

Angela de la Cruz

Deflated (Magenta/Ochre), 2013-2022

Oil on canvas

185h x 69w x 31d cm

Jason Martin, Untitled (Indigo/Zinc yellow), 2020

Jason Martin

Untitled (Indigo/Zinc yellow), 2020

Oil on aluminium

150 x 150 x 10 cm

Mike and Doug Starn, MTN648 crop1, 2022

Mike and Doug Starn

MTN648 crop1, 2022

Ink jet on zerkal paper with acrylic wash


Peter Blake, Joseph Cornell’s Holiday – Norway, Oslo. ‘Children Playing’, 2017

Peter Blake

Joseph Cornell’s Holiday – Norway, Oslo. ‘Children Playing’, 2017


30h x 30w cm


Transcendent variables is a celebration of Wetterling Gallery’s history and programme over its past almost 45 years of existence.

This group show stands as a reflection of our founder’s, Björn Wetterling, multi-faceted approach towards building a roster of artists, which developed dynamically over the past decades.

While the practices on display vary widely – aesthetically, medium-wise, and within artistic movements – they are brought together by the artists’ long-standing relationship with the gallery, and their role in shaping its visual vocabulary. They appear as variables expressing interests at different moments in time, but also show how Björn Wetterling is able to move freely between artistic expressions.

The exhibition features both new and historical works by:

Peter Blake, Sebastian Blanck, Angela de la Cruz, Jim Dine, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Allen Jones, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Jason Martin, Marjolein Rothman, Ed Ruscha, Mike & Doug Starn, SEO, Bernar Venet, Pinar Yolaçan.