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There are some portraits of women that have inscribed themselves on art history due to their intensity, perfection but also because of their secrets. More than others it is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa that has puzzled many generations of art lovers and still seems to keep a mystery. What is it that makes her look special and her smile so mysterious? Or is our fascination based on the fact that we know it is a piece by a mastermind, perhaps the most famous painting of all times?


Wetterling Gallery is proud of inaugurating the autumn season 2013 with Artists Anonymous’ first solo exhibition in Sweden. Artists Anonymous’ work develops from painting and is including different techniques. In their installations and exhibitions they bring together classical oil painting with punk, kitsch and photography. Shifting easily and confidently between different genres, they playfully refer to both the traditional craftsmanship and all time’s art theory. With their anonymity they consciously choose to separate the artist’s name from the viewer’s art experience, although they themselves can be present as models in their work.