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Wetterling Gallery is proud to present Ylva Ceder and SEO in two parallel exhibitions: Humming and Global Things - The Long Way Back in Stockholm. In this figurative colorful meeting of different cultures and different artistic positions, it shows how multifaceted a globalized world looks and how we can connect to and understand each other through images and dialogue.

Ylva Ceder returns to the Wetterling Gallery with seven new works that further develop her exploration of the Swedish everyday culture that has become her signature. In recent years she has become a well-known name on the Swedish art scene and her new works have been long awaited by many. Korean SEO has her Sweden premiere with this exhibition at Wetterling Gallery. She is internationally well known and has exhibited at the Venice Biennale and is represented at MoMA. SEO is best known as a painter but also works with sculpture and installations.

Although the two women seem to have widely separated imagery, common interests quickly become apparent. Above all, it is their way of portraying everyday situations as scenes from a film that shines like a red thread through the exhibitions and connects them both to each other. But it is also the decision for a time-consuming work process, the adherence to the figuration and a partially noisy color scale that they have in common.