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The title of Nathalia Edenmont’s new exhibition, Beyond, refers to something beyond the here and now, moving outside the usual framework both visually and mentally. In her latest series of images Nathalia Edenmont touches upon life and death, fertility and childlessness, the natural and the subconscious world. Her images are dreamlike; at times almost nightmarish. She creates powerful images that arouse our emotions but Nathalia Edenmont’s aim is not to provoke the beholder. The images that she recreates come to her as visions or in dreams and as fragments of childhood memories.

Nathalia Edenmont challenges us as beholders by touching subjects that are often taboo in our society. Her photographs leads to debate and raise questions; but who maintains that art always needs an answer? With powerful references to historic oil paintings and religious symbols as well as contemporary art and fashion photography, Nathalia Edenmont once again creates contemporary art history that leaves few people unaffected.