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Allen Jones


October 11 – November 9, 2017

Allen Jones

Allen Jones
A Model Model, 2014-2015
Polished Stainless Steel Body, Cast Resin Head
185,5 x 86 x 79 cm


Wetterling Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition with the legendary British Pop artist Allen Jones in Stockholm, featuring both sculptural work and paintings.

As a pioneer of abstraction, Jones’ work investigates the representation of the human figure, especially the female body, and has occupied a prominent position in the art world for over five decades. Few artists have though evoked as much debate and have been perceived as provocative as Jones.

Embracing popular culture, his work is characterized by its direct visual language, a colorful playfulness, and explicit eroticism related to music, dance and amusement. In turn, his work has had a major influence on popular culture itself, on film, design and fashion. In recent years, his iconic female figures have been complemented by a male counterpart, focusing on the interaction of the genders. Allen Jones, who has just turned 80, is still developing his oeuvre. The works in the exhibition are created in recent years, contextualized by some works from earlier periods.