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Linda Bäckström examines American culture, subcultures and how American identities is conveyed through visual symbols. Linda Bäckström's distinct sculptures in spray foam and aluminum represent objects with the reminiscence of road movies and old western movies, the great freedom and the romanticized nationalism, weapons and kitsch aesthetics, but also to the undisputable will to push forward in civilization and to become successful.

In the exhibition Supernova, a Chevrolet Nova SS in original size, casted in foam and joint together part by part, is displayed. The car was launched in 1970 and sold to middleclass-families as a luxury object for ”the working man”. The car represents freedom and independence and symbolize both prestige and confidence. But that considered, in Linda Bäckström's representation the expression a transformed – as a result of the dysfunctionality of the car its whole existence is challenged and in reverse portrays a playfulness to it. The title Supernova refers to both the energy of the American subcultures and the faith in success, as well as the glitter and kitsch aesthetics that characterize the American pop-culture. Linda Bäckström's artworks refers to the dream of becoming a star and the search for what can be called the American Dream that might not exist; but rather remains precisely just - a dream.

In the exhibition SUPERNOVA Linda Bäckström continues to examine the US-theme as a prolongation of her exhibition Jewels, previously shown at Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, last spring