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Wetterling Gallery is happy to present Danish artist Astrid Kruse Jensen in our project space. In her work she continues to explore the photographic technique and this series of photographs is created by using family negatives from previous generations in the 50’s. She utilized a technique called drip-photographs, where she dripped the photographic developer directly onto the paper. The result is based mostly on chance in the chemical process and her memory of the images and only some parts of the original negative is exposed on the paper. The focus in the picture has been changed, either enhanced or displaced and some parts of the image are not exposed at all and remain invisible. Astrid Kruse Jensen creates new photographs from old negatives by changing the focus with her technique, hence she is also questioning the photographic media and its documentation of reality.

Another series of photographs by Astrid Kruse Jensen, taken with a camera from the 50s, is also exhibited. The photographs shows images where reality and the reflection of the depicted seems intertwined. A recurring theme in these photographs as well as in her earlier series and film, is the impression that nature and culture collides, which challenges our perception of reality.