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Wetterling Gallery proudly presents a new selection of works by Jason Martin in our showroom. Inaugurated in 2021, the showroom works as a place to curate exhibitions, show works from our artists as well as an interesting discontinuance from our regular gallery space. Opening Reception will take place on March 24, from 5 - 8 pm. 

Jason Martin channels a minimal approach to painting through an expansive yet controlled use of colour, brush and medium. Working in pigment, acrylic, oil paint, graphite and cast metal, Martin interrogates the fundamentals of painting, veering from epic and luscious compositions of swirling forms to pared-down and muted abstractions in precisely blended tones. Structured according to the harmonic relationships between these hues, the paintings manifest as parallel strata, their horizons exploring suggestions of landscape and atmosphere through the viscosity of oil or the granular texture of other material added to the paint. Albeit with the occasional intervention of chance, moments of happenstance and the unexpected whorl of chaos, this process of repeated, sweeping gestures has been honed over the years.