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Anna Camner

Anna Camner, Untitled, 2017


Kajsa & Olle Nymans Ateljéer 
Strandpromenaden 61

In the suburb Saltsjö-Duvnäs outside of Stockholm, you can find the intact home and studio of Kajsa and Olle Nyman, siblings and artists. For the upcoming summer, they are re-launching their exhibition program with three exhibitions over the summer. For the middle period, between July 10 - August 15, they will put up the group exhibition Galss Tableware in Still Life. It is an interdisciplinary art project that brings together painting and glass blowing in an enriching dialogue, where nine Swedish and nine Japanese painters meet the glass artist Yoko Andersson Yamano, who will create glass tableware for the participating artists' paintings. To begin the project the painters each provided Andersson Yamano with a description of the tableware, communicated by words only—no drawings or pictures—to allow for imagination and creativeness to blossom. Andersson Yamano has interpreted each separate assignment and the results are unique, clear glass creations for each painter. The painters then paint an impression of the glassware in their own personal style resulting in a still life painting. One of the participating artists is Anna Camner and we can't wait to see how this collaboration will turn out!