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Anna Camner, photo Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Anna Camner is a Swedish figurative painter. Camner’s probing searchlight puts objects under clinical scrutiny. Layers are peeled off and details are accentuated, exposed and redefined. With a starting point in the painterly process, Camner brings real, imaginary and invented motifs towards the perception of a metaphysical reality.

Camner’s oil paintings are characterized by an outstanding technique and precision. With a time consuming and meticulous painterly process, Camner builds a distinct, sealed world with it’s own logic. A focal theme in her artistic work is the ongoing hybridization between man and synthetics. Whether it is industrially manufactured masses of turquoise polymers or pink fetish gloves, Camner focuses on the aspects of light, texture and composition. With an illusory atmosphere, the paintings can be interpreted as windows for the viewer to observe objects of the subconscious.

The fragmentary perspectives of organic forms and membranes build up allusions with sexual undertones. Elastic and lubricous materials are balancing on the floating border between what is natural or artificial. The objects are in the process of becoming, on the edge of the material world. Mainly abstract, yet strangely familiar, the narratives are pushed to the surface from the deep black depths; desire translated into equivocal shapes in a calm renaissance manner.

Anna Camner (b. 1977) lives and works in Stockholm and has exhibited in Sweden and internationally since graduating from the Royal Institute of Art in 2003. Her work has previously been exhibited in solo shows in Stockholm, London and New York, and featured in The International Biennial of Contemporary Art (BIACI) in Cartagena, Colombia in 2014, Mumbai, India in 2019 and at the Armory Show, NY, USA, in 2020. In conjunction with being awarded the prestigious annual Beckers Art Award in 2017, her work was exhibited at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden.