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Dina Isæus-Berlin

Star Verse


Dina Isæus-Berlin
Dina Isæus-Berlin
Dina Isæus-Berlin


In conjuction with Dina Isæus-Berlin's third solo exhibition Star Verse, we have created an catalogue covering the featured works as well as an exhibition text by Håkan Nilsson. The cover's logo text was specially made for the exhibition by designer Fredrik Söder. Within the spread of the catalogue, closer detailed images of the artworks makes the transitional pages stand out. It's avaliable for purschare for 140 SEK. 

Editor: Lo Nylén 
Essay: Håkan Nilsson
Translation: Gabriella Berggren
Photos: Jean-Baptiste Béranger 
Design: Fredrik Söder 
Print: TMG Stockholm
Artworks: Dina Isæus-Berlin