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Wetterling Gallery 40 years!


Wetterling Gallery 40 years! 
Wetterling Gallery, Twentyfourseven


In conjunction to our 40 year's anniversary, we produced a catalogue with our artists. It's avaliable for purschase for 300 SEK. 


Twentyfourseven – Wetterling Gallery 40 years

Art gets created every hour and every day all the days of the week. Being an artist means never going home from work. Because artists are constantly engaged in their art. As a gallerist it is my job to ensure that the conditions for this laborious work are equitable so that artists can, at the end of the day, support themselves by means of their art.

Ever since starting the Wetterling Gallery in 1978 it has been my life. I am a gallerist at all hours of the day and all days of the week. The exhibitions succeed each other, and my days are filled with travel, meetings, sales and art fairs. And I still thoroughly enjoy my work.

Today, in 2018, the Wetterling Gallery is a lively meeting place for contemporary art. We work with some 30 artists and in the anniversary exhibition we want to point to the fact that the gallery is our artists. No artists – no Wetterling Gallery. May I express my profoundest thanks to you all for working with us!

In our exhibition twentyfourseven we are showing works by the artists whom we represent today. Working with a programme for the gallery that stretches over several generations of artists with very different forms of artistic expression creates tensions and dynamics. Presented, side by side, these artists fill me with humility but also with hope for the future.

That I would one day celebrate 40 years as a gallerist was not something that I had reckoned with when I was invited to become a partner in the Edward Thordén gallery. My life as a gallerist has been a journey filled with joy as well as grief, sometimes almost despair but, above all, of anticipation and curiosity. It is a joy to look back and I am inordinately proud of what we have achieved during the 40 years of the gallery. Based on this experience I look forward with confidence to the next 40 years of the Wetterling Gallery.


Björn Wetterling

September 2018