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Wetterling Gallery is proud to present the show Delta by Love Lundell. In the artist’s second exhibition at the gallery a new series of work including paintings, drawings and sculptures are on view. Many of the pieces revolve around the theme of water.

Like a delta where lakes, rivers and rapids meets and eventually reach the ocean, the artist describes his working process leading up to this exhibition. Experiences, memories and dreams has been melted together creating a new story about an inner reality.

A residency in Bad Gastein, Austria, where the village grand waterfall always is present, became the starting point for the series of work now presented. With the breathtaking landscape just around the corner, Love Lundell opened up for a more romantic landscape painting. By collecting images on the internet, in papers and in books and then merging them together and into the landscape, new worlds, places and histories were created. The collages that Love has as a premiss for his paintings also gives the works a kind of distortion which reinforces the feeling that it is dreams and memories that are being illustrated.

Dennis Dahlqvist writes in his text for the exhibition catalogue that Love Lundell illustrates “A parallel reality that is not governed by the rules of logic but, instead, builds on the imagination, on memories, illusions and dreams.” and that the aim is not to portray the outside of the visual world but rather, its inner reality.

Lundell’s former dark color scheme has been replaced by a brighter one. Intensive, vibrant colors like lilac, pink, blue and green dominates the paintings and the formerly crowded images has a calmer expression. He has also changed acrylic paint to oil which has opened up for new challenges and possibilities.