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The myth of Ikaros is a story of arrogance and hubris. Despite his father’s admonitions Ikaros is flying to close to the sun and his newly made wings burns up and he crashes into the sea and drowns.
Including works by Nathalia Edenmont, Liva Isakson Lundin, Jason Martin, Angela de la Cruz, Linda Bäckström and Mike and Doug Starn the exhibition Ikaros tells a story about challenging faith and pushing boarders.

Courtesy Private Collection
An art collection is something very personal. Each work is specially chosen by the owner for reasons only he or she knows. Brought into daylight for public viewing, the collection raises questions not only about the art works but also about the collector. Why do you collect art and for which reasons? Why do you choose a certain piece and when do you let it go?
On view in the gallery are parts of a private collection that are ready to leave their owner making room for new works.